Thursday, 8 May 2014

"Who doesn't want a Face Lift in a Bottle!?"

Everyone wants the perfect solution to effortlessly perfect skin.

Well many have found it in Soyaskin's Vitamin C Face Lift SerumThis is the media lauded face lift in a bottle. It was titled one of the best face primers by professional make up artists because of it's extreme instant smoothing and tightening qualities (see us on CTV's Marilyn Dennis Show). Vitamin C is proven to improve skin's tone and texture as well as fight acne and clear blemish spots. Soy is brightening and anti aging. Soy is biologically an anti-inflammatory and therefore naturally anti-aging by nature of action. It is locally grown and ethically harvested for your Soyaskin products. 

 "I use this after my botox and Juve, it keeps me supple, tight and maintains my cosmetic investment."   -Jordan

Smooth over skin but don't rub it in:  allow the serum to fully absorb into skin. It is important to smile softly while it is absorbing as to exercise the musculature of the face leaving an uplifting effect.

Soyaskin products help you to achieve your skin care goals naturally and with sustainable practices, making skin brighter, clearer, detoxed and youthful. Perfect!

Now on sale. Regular $90 - NOW $65 plus delivery

 "My skin is 1000% better. I had a lot of break outs and Vitamin C Serum has cleared it up. And I will never worry about premature aging skin now."    -Kelly McLeod

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