Friday, 23 May 2014

Silk for your Skin and Hair - What can it REALLY do?

I love the look of healthy illuminated skin and silk is one luxurious way to achieve that.

Silk ingredient components in cosmetics can impart attractive and healthy benefits to skin and hair.  Silk contains several different amino acids, all which come from the cocoon of the silk worm. These amino acids contain the sighted protein stimulants and have a chemical composition that is very close to that of human skin and hair making it a wonderful source of nourishment and maintenance. Silk can protect hair from moisture loss, maintain hydration in skin and provide a silky smooth finish. But you cannot buy silk additives for at-home use as it is the high-grade manufacturing techniques which determine the chemical influence that silk bears on skin and hair.

The original composition of silk, which is sustained through highly accurate refinement processes, when added to cosmetics, impacts the growth of melanin (the pigment in skin) and is effective at penetrating the hair and skin. Silk can provide clearer skin, improved shine and elasticity, a smooth texture and attractive appearance over time with the use of effectual products.  Silk can create a luxurious smooth texture to the skin that many skin care junkies covet. The triangular prism-like structures of silk molecules can reflect light at many angles giving silkened surfaces a natural shine and opalescence. Be careful of other additives that can mimic the feel of silk or ‘silkiness’ on immediate use (sometimes referred to as slip and only last per each application) but may not have the long term of result of the real silk amino acids.

HINT:  Test different brands of products that claim silk as an effectual ingredient as there are several types of silk ingredients that have different dispersion and penetration rates that can influence efficacy.  You will have to experiment to find the one that gives you your desired effect before you drop a lot of coin for a product promising a luxurious silk impression.  
You’ll have to silk for yourself...

DID YOU KNOW?  “Peace silk” is harvested from insect larvae that have been able to emerge from its cocoon resulting in a new ethical process that degums and harvests the fibres for textile use.

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