Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Boy Beauty - A philosophy for men's beauty

Boys can be beautiful too. Real men, on the other hand, are effortlessly sophisticated.

When it comes to building character and defining a look, everyone has to start somewhere. Starting with the basics is a good beginning.  Men's basic skin care should be easy and designed to be superpowered skin solutions, able to handle even the most demanding day to day lifestyles in very few steps needed.  Men who travel, play pro sports, are boardroom jockeys, lift heavy junk, haul logs and wear steel toed boots still think about their skin. They put importance on the health of their skin and looks but may not want to take away from the more important things in life like getting out there and having fun. Hell yeah.  That's what modern poets call swagger. But making it look effortless is key.

Some men know that they can have it all - the physique and the feelings.  Guys on their A-game have their effortless skin regime together. And when they do, you can see their beauty in their eyes, laugh lines and all... ladies dig that.

"I like skin products that are multi-tasking and simple but very effective on my skin. I put it on before work and before I go out.  I takes seconds but really makes a difference."      
-   Barry Dette

MEN'S 10 SECOND BEAUTY TIP #1:  Hydrate your skin.  Don't be lazy. Throw some non-comedogenic facial moisturizer on your skin and reveal that manly glow.  Don't stretch your skin when applying. Task duration: 5-6 seconds to apply

MEN'S 10 SECOND BEAUTY TIP #2: Wear a matte vegetable-based lip balm.  I didn't say gloss, I said 'matte' (hint hint - check yourself). Choose an appropriate balm that can be applied on cheeks as well on a particularly windy or crisp days.  Soya and coconut based balms with a little shea butter are the best.  Task duration: 7.5 seconds to apply

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