Thursday, 8 May 2014


Mums deserve the best.  I know this because I am a mother of many and I wouldn't want anything but the best for my family.  Lizards, turtles, fish, a bunny, a 6 year old and a 14 year old all need special care by special hands. Sometimes mothers forget to think about themselves while their needs are getting flushed with the baby bathwater. It's that time of year to remind those batty bag ladies (aka: mom) in your life to take a breather and find something soul surrendering for themselves. You can become that clever off-spring that gets it right this #MoDay and makes some extra mumma marks this year!

So, to help you get it right, I am spilling some beans on what Moms are thinking now and then...

1. "What is my kid thinking!" (usually teamed with slight rolling of the eyes and a gentle shake of the head motion, insert sigh)
1.a. Solution:  Surprise her with a thoughtful gift that you can share together; like her fave chocolate truffles or bottle of her favourite sparkling beverage to take to a picnic together.  That way she can get a little you time to reconnect and you can just unload your awesomeness on her.

2. "You people are needy!" (this sentiment occurs when your Mom is walking around the house with an arm full of random things she finds in her way such as an empty cup, crusty sock, old lunch, back packs, soccer shoes, basketball (you can picture your own belongings here) just to get to the next room and forget what she originally went there for... oh yeah, more laundry soap.
2.a. Solution:  Pamper your Mom and don't let her lift one tired, unmanicured finger. Bring her things such as the morning paper, a tea, a snack, a hug, then repeat for a duration of 12 hours to let her rejuvenate her busted up body already. I like to call this Mommification, where the mother wraps herself up loosely like a mummy in bed or on couch (or dock) all day with everything needed at her disposal for a well deserved time out.

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