Monday, 13 January 2014

Resolution Revolution 2014

It's a new year and that is exciting on many levels.  A new year brings new outlooks, bigger goals, fresh energy and the drive to become a better person with resolute.  Why set yourself up for failure with extreme annual resolutions when you can set off on a personal path for life change? It doesn't have to be drastic nor severe nor does it need to be achieved within this year. Life change is for life, it's gradual, it's perpetual.

Agree with yourself to like yourself more. Everyday, come up with one small, different thing about yourself and your world that you like. For example, "I like my hair colour", "I'm a good whistler", "I like my wrinkles" and "...hey, that little scar on my forehead is actually really cute".  And if you don't like it, learn to like it, or take steps to change it. A little self love goes a long way and the residual benefits of self love is that it makes you a better lover all 'round.  Blow away all the naysayers, haters and negative love-suckers. Love yourself, love your life, find success, be positive and optimistic (but not unrealistically dumb).

My philosophy: Beauty comes from the inside-out and it is attainable for everyone. Self love is contagious - feel it!!

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