Monday, 7 July 2014

China Lifts Mandatory Animal Testing for Cosmetics

After two years of campaigning, the Be Cruelty-Free campaign has successfully forced China to take important steps toward ending animal testing for cosmetics.

From June 30, 2014, cruel testing on animals for ordinary cosmetics produced and sold within China will no longer be legally mandated.  This historic rule change comes following two years of effort by the run by Humane Society International's Beijing team and its Chinese animal group partners. Recently in Dalian, China, Be Cruelty-Free campaigners marked the policy ruling occasion with an remarkable street event featuring 100 life-size rabbit cut-outs and a huge banner.

While in Beijing, a letter signed by HSI and more than 20 Chinese animal protection groups was sent to the China Food and Drug Administration to welcome the waiving of unnecessary animal test requirements for cosmetic products as a pivotal moment in China's path towards 21st century approaches to safety testing.

“This is an important step forward which has been eminent for some time.  I think it’s hugely significant that China has acknowledged the universal movement toward a cruelty-free cosmetic industry.”   - Melani Chong

About Humane Society International - Together with its partner organizations, The Humane Society International constitutes one of the world's largest animal protection organizations-backed by 11 million people. For almost 20 years, HSI has been fighting for the protection of all animals through education, advocacy, and peer driven programs.  For information please visit

The HSI has funded the hands-on training of scientists in China in the methods of in-vitro and non animal testing for cosmetics.

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