Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Meet the team

2013 has brought a great amount of growth for Soya including the growing team of contributing members.  Melani Chong has been growing Soya Boutique as a personal care manufacturer hitting the market with its moniker anti-aging skin care brand.  It is now a growing company that has several new additions.

Meet the Soya Girls!

Camille has a knack for organization and planning. As the PR Co-ordinator, she keeps everything rolling at a true Soya-sonic pace. As a graduate of the Fashion Business program at George Brown College in 2010, Camille proves that beauty and brains are hand-in-hand in this industry. She is an astute asset to the team and brings a level of quirky and intellectual professionalism to the team. Camille admits, "I love chicken wings and one of my favorite snacks is licorice candy. I have a serious side with aspirations for my future but something I would love to do is to live somewhere exciting and come back with a few crazy stories to tell" says Camille. GO for it Camille!

Elena's major pet peeve is spelling mistakes in printed copy. Phew! As the Soya Content Manager, her critical eye and innovative ideas are a contributing force to the direction of Soya. Elena is a Business Management étudiante at Ryerson University, she has a love of both the creative and management side of the fashion and beauty biz. "I enjoy all things beauty and fashion related, and I am an endlessly in love with style and lifestyle blogs. One day I will have a dog, I love random facts and adventures and I make a mean mushroom risotto" states Elena. Soya crushes on Elena's passionate eye, she is a ray of light on the Soya Team.

Prerna is a graduate from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Commerce and a major in Anthropology. Currently working on her designation as a CMA, which is why Prerna is Soya's Accounts and Finance go-to. "I enjoy fashion, chocolates, and lawn tennis. Also, I am a sucker for bling just like a Magpie. This is the perfect opportunity for me to have the best of everything, allowing me to work not just with numbers but also letting my creative edge shine" says Prerna. If you haven't seen her yet today - she always looks like she just walked off the runway. Great style + numbers smart = Soya Girl

Sharon has always had the knack for fashion and beauty since she was a mini. Growing up, she used to cut and design her mother’s panty hose and make clothes for her Barbies.  Since then, it was eminent that she would work in the Fashion industry. Being a former resident in Italy, Sharon travelled Europe and exotic areas for her creative inspiration.  Italy is Soya Owner, Melani Chong's old fashion stopping ground where she walked the runways for years.  "We have many common european influences." says Melani. Which is what stirs Sharon inspiration for the Soya brand and its creative development as Soya's Assistant Creative Director. "As a side hobby I like to oil paint fun high fashion art onto canvases" beams Sharon.

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