Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Benefits of Soya

So what exactly is Soya? Well it's definitely not tofu!

Soybean oil is made from the seed of the soy plant. It's also known as edamame when eaten in its natural form; that tasty appetizer we eat at our local sushi joint. Soybeans were grown for centuries in Asia just for their seeds, whereas now soybean oil can be sound in many forms. One of them being in skincare!

Soy oil benefits:
- anti-inflammatory : great for people with sensitive skin
- anti-aging : makes skin brighter, clearer, more youthful over time
- soothing : restores uneven skin tone and improves texture
- moisturizing : helps to restore and maintain moisture levels
- natural Vitamin E : easily absorbs into skin
- natural Vitamin B: helps to prevent and diminish wrinkles
- anti-acne: removes skin blemishes and heals scarring
- baby safe : soothes diaper rash and non fragrant
- repels mosquitos : a natural alternative!
- protects from UV rays : also helps heal sun damage and stressed skin

All SoyaSkin products are made using all-natural soybean oil.

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