Friday, 16 October 2015


You can eat it, you can engineer it, you can attain healthy skin benefits from the super bean they call soy (Glycine Max).  The ancient tradition of using soy for the skin has successfully sustained for thousands of years.  If you have sensitive, spotty skin or wish to attain and maintain a bright youthful glow - then go with soya for the skin...

Soy is a biologically an anti-inflammatory and therefore naturally anti-aging by nature of action. 

Soyaskin can help you to achieve your skin care goals naturally and with sustainable practices, making skin brighter, clearer, detoxed and youthful. Soy is a super food for the skin.  The locally grown legume has so many topical benefits such as skin brightening, anti aging and anti-oxidative.  Although, there are few skin creams that can provide a full spectrum solution for skin concerns than one that contains soy extracts. Soy is brightening and anti aging by nature. It is locally grown and ethically harvested for your products. Soyaskin products make your skin glow and make you feel good about using them.

Bio-identical ingredients are made from high quality soy plants for our high performance creams and serums that when applied to the skin, are identified by the human body as being biologically identical to the natural properties produced by the human body with positive and beneficial health and beauty effects. Soyaskin care products contain a patent pending combination of anti aging ingredients from natural origins that decrease the intracellular oxidative activity.

Capture Your Youth Now with the proven benefits of soy for your skin.

Soyaskin is a trusted source for new and helpful developments in longevity products for your family - sustainable products for everyday healthy living. Do not use if you have topical allergies to soy. Made in Canada, for over three years a growing list of beauty junkies, professionals-on-the-go, beauty experts and their A-list clients including Kylie Minogue, Nelly Furtado, and Janet Jackson have been quietly enjoying the benefits of Soyaskin.

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