Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fall Skin Prep

As much as we would like to hang on to long summer days, fall is slowly approaching. With a new season about to set in shortly, it is important to slightly kick up your skin care regimen. Shorter days, gusting winds, and dropping temperatures all lead to drier skin and a sallow complexion. Make sure to do the following:


Colder weather generally leads to drier skin, which unfortunately equals flakes and tightness. Help prevent that by making sure to exfoliate regularly. The new Soyaskin Cayman Sugar Scrub contains shea and coconut oils which will not dry out skin, but instead make it silky and perfectly prepped for other product application. It can be used both on face and body. 


After removing all dead skin cells, cleanse the face using the Soy Tear-free Foaming Cleanser. It is ideal to use during the colder months as it eaves skin pH balanced, never dry or stripped of moisture.


Post cleansing, apply the Soy Repairing Serum. This unique Repairing complex provides immediate soothing, freshness and skin rejuvenation. Perfect to restore and calm wind chapped skin. Gently smooth over skin - don't rub it in. Fan to dry and remember to smile!


Lock in moisture and be ready to face the chilly weather with the Anti-Aging Facial MoisturizerWith advanced soy anti-aging ingredients, skin will be increasingly supple, smoother in texture, and hydrated to face the day ahead. 

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